McDaniel Update: 10,000 Votes...

Chris McDaniel hammers RNC Chair Reince Priebus


Here's the latest update from Mississippi...

In an interview on the local talk radio program 'Focal Point', Chris McDaniel said he expect to find over 10,000 voting "irregularities" in the next few days -- more than enough to warrant a new election.

Earlier this week at a press conference, McDaniel's attorney indicated an election challenge would come within the
next 10 days.  

The election challenge would be heard first by the Cochran-stacked Republican Executive Committee --- and then to the courts. 

“'If they don’t give us any relief then naturally a court challenge will ensue,' [McDaniel] told Focal Point.


McDaniel took particular issue with what he deemed 'race baiting' by the Cochran campaign before the runoff.


'What they did, they hired Democratic operatives to go out into Democratic communities and call me a racist,' he said. 'That’s despicable … It’s the way Democrats campaign. It’s the way liberals campaign.'


'It goes to show that there are elements within our own party that have to be purged,” he said.

Chris McDaniel also hammered the GOP Establishment back in Washington, in particular, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who has remained silent on Cochran's race-baiting attack ads.


“'The Republican Party right now obviously lacks leadership, particularly nationally, because the silence is problematic,' he said [in the 'Focal Point' radio interview].

McDaniel said his efforts were for a greater good.

'It’s so much bigger than me,' he said. 'This isn’t about a candidate.'

'We have to protect the integrity of the Republican Party,” which he said was 'sacrificed on the night of the 24th due to desperation.'”


Chris McDaniel and the conservative voters of Mississippi deserve a new election, and WE must continue to fight for it!


We need to keep them in the fight.  


Let's take back our conservative victory!

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